Half Baked Studio Update

I’ve managed to find a bit of time to spend on the music/studio projects. The whole server move/WordPress upgrade and associated graphics work set things back a few measures. It was however a worthwhile project, WP Ver.3.4.2 is great, the new server ( is top of the line and the websites are on the road to recovery. I mixed in some wood processing while I was at it and things are looking good on that front.

On the studio side of things I’ve spent some time remixing some of the older stuff on the MiniDisc 4 track discs. I uploaded those to the server in WAV format rather than compressed or in MP3 format, you just  lose too much of the sound in the process. Some of the material is with my vocals (not good) so it is what it is. You can click on the blinking button next to those and load the lyrics in another window. I’ll add these all to the music page along with some with only guitar added.

  I Need Too

  The Enemy Within

  My Machine

  Going Underground

  Cracked Society

The next song was something that I and a couple others put together. Mike D. provided lyrics and rhythm guitar, Matt B. bass, and I furnished the synth parts and lead guitar.

Drug Land Craze

Misc. Old Tracks


Under Fire

Never Stop

Face The Storm

Losin’ You

My Daze

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