Lindsey Stirling ~ Beyond The Veil

Another class act is this young lass with a violin. Absolutely some of the best string work I’ve heard in my days anyhow. The new release is called Shatter Me and features Lzzy Hayle providing the vocal tracks. Good stuff indeed…


Washing Machine Problems

One of the channels I subscribe to on You Tube posted this video the other day. Auusie50 is geek/engineer sort of guy that likes to have a little fun once in awhile and tinker with stuff. So anyhow, he killed this washing machine recently and I thought I’d pass it on. Good stuff!


PCB Wall Art: Finished!

I had no clue this project would go this far when I started, but no surprise really, it happens to me all the time. Actually I enjoyed the destructive tear downs, although the scrapping/recycling part was a bit of a chore. Oh well, it is what it is and a done deal for now.

A […]