Music has always been a big part of my life, even though I’m not what I’d refer to as a true musician. None the less I do pursue it on occasion. I recently retrofitted some of my gear and and the studio so I could start working on  it again. I added a Akai Dr4D hard disk recorder, replaced the old Alesis 1622 mixer, and re-racked all the gear. Maybe before long I can spend  a little time with the Washburn N2 and put something together.

I’ve also worked with quite a few garage bands over the years and used to take an active roll on the music scene in this neck of the woods. The pictures should give you a better idea of my past endeavors.

These are from BarnFest, an annual music festival we staged for 6 yrs running. The pictures here are from our final show, it was quite the production to say the least. I took care of power generation on site and helped with setup. The stage lighting arrive via semi truck, we had a snack stand and recorded on site. We all pitched in to get the stage, sound tower and the grounds prepared. It was a blast..

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These are pictures from my earlier days. We could never really put it all together and find a reliable drummer willing to stick with it. I’d been working as a machinist prior to this, hence the name.

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That project failed for the most part and Machine Driven just evaporated. I was still bitten by the bug so to speak, and decided to pursue the music for another three years or so. It was all assembled using MIDI drum sequences out puting channel 10 to the Alesis D4 drum module and channel 3 to a Technics KN550 for bass. That I over laid with guitar and really crappy vocals. I can’t sing but it is what it is. The first ones below are with vocals and there’s a link to the lyrics on an HTML page that will open in a new window when clicked.

  I Need Too

  The Enemy Within

  My Machine

  Going Underground

  Cracked Society

The next song was something that I and a couple others put together. Mike D. provided lyrics and rhythm guitar, Matt B. bass, and I furnished the synth parts and lead guitar.

Drug Land Craze

Misc. Old Tracks


Under Fire

Never Stop

Face The Storm

Loosin’ You

My Daze