My Machine

Verse 1



Well this my machine & she'll really scream With it we can do most anything   


Now hang on tight It'll be quite a night


We're gonna drive this thing with all our might
We're shiftin' gears we'll bust your ears
You may not have time to drink your beers
Better get back better stand clear


Wouldn't want to bust your ears
Don't need you'all up here spillin' your beers
Can't you tell we're workin' here
Verse 2



Driven this thing is really crazy
And some say it'll make me lazy
They ain't been here
And ain't carried this gear


They don't understand that we're workin' here
Driven this thing is making me crazy
And this room sure is gettin' hazy


The pressures on but we'll soon be gone
So why can't we all just get along
Verse 3


Well guitar strings
Lots of chords & things
An electric monkey & a man that sings


And Beasley there ain't got a care
And that dude over there is in his underwear
It's bad & mean but a magnificent thing
Got lots of cords & wires & things
Turn on the power & everything gleems
This music makin' money machine
Verse 4
The feedback finder, no longer finds her
And this crowd ain't gettin' any kinder
This gate won't gate & the jailbaits late
And that guy there just lost his date


The feedbacks good & the noise is gettin' better
It'll get away if you let her
It's bad & mean, it's everyone's dream
It's a music makin' money machine
Verse 5
I think this thing is stuck in gear
And by now I can barely hear
It's closing time but I don't mind
Now I can really unwind
It's a meeting of mind & steel
And the way that I feel
She'll really scream, she's everyones dream
This music makin' money machine