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Antique Radio Resources Alan Voorhees of Oakland, Calif. runs the web’s most popular site for antique radio collectors and enthusiasts. His site is packed with a comprehensive array of links and resources to satisfy even the most hardcore fan of old time radios and radio broadcasting. John Pelham maintains an extensive web museum featuring meticulously restored radios, transceivers, phonographs, and tape machines. In addition to beautiful photographs of his collection, John offers valuable insight and information on his radios and their restoration. Phil Nelson runs Phil’s Old Radios, a site filled with information for the radio restoration enthusiast. Phil includes some photos of his extensive collection with related commentary, and even offers useful projects for homebrew enthusiasts. Merrill Mabbs of Britain presents a beautifully executed site with excellent photos, historical timelines, user and repair manuals, kits, projects, and parts. Includes information on radios from North America and around the globe. Dave and Babylyn Cantelon of Scarborough, Ont. offer a huge selection of schematics and service literature for just about every old tube consumer electronics device ever made, including radios, televisions, ham rigs, CBs, and hi-fi sets. They also have a large stock of capacitors and specialized cap kits for restoration projects. John Terrey of Carlisle, Mass. is the man behind Antique Radio Classified, the premier monthly for buyers and sellers of old radios and related items. Each issue runs 68 pages and includes ads for parts and services, market prices, photos, an events calendar, and numerous articles on radios, their history, and associated topics. Jon Stanley is a prolific collector, designer, restorer, and builder of an eclectic array of interesting devices including clocks, nixie clocks, test equipment, radios, televisions, computers, calculators, fans, handicrafts, games, etc. Even more interesting are Jon’s descriptions of his fascinating ideas and projects. As the name implies, Jim Watson’s site is devoted to all things Crosley. Jim has developed an informative FAQ and has posted many nice photos of Crosley radios and ephemera. Bob Piekarz of La Grange, Ill. sells components for restoration projects, including many hard-to-find replica items such as drop-in replacement radio backs. Sonny Clutter of Camus, Wash. maintains a site that is jam-packed with photos and comprehensive information related to radio operation, restoration, and repair with an emphasis on RCA’s famed Radiola models. He’s included a search engine to help navigate his substantial site. Steve Johnson of Auburn, N.Y. and his Antique Technology site offer nice photos of his impressive radio and test equipment collection. He has an extensive technical library and a marvelous work shop and bench. John and Mary Okolowicz are loudspeaker grille cloth experts and offer a line of reproduction grille cloths, some tailored to match factory originals. Installation and aging instructions are included. An online marketplace where you can buy and sell antique radios, ham gear, electronic parts, test equipment, stereos, phonographs, tape recorders, and related items. A veritable gold mine of information on vintage Philco radios – photos, schematics, service manuals, restoration tips, etc. Mark Oppat of Plymouth, Mich. offers everything needed to restore vintage radio chassis including reproduction dial faces. As a result of purchasing the inventories of numerous old radio repair shops, Mark carries an extensive selection of period parts.

Electron Tube Resources Charlie Kittleson of Lakeport, Calif. publishes the definitive vacuum tube journal, Vacuum Tube Valley. His web site contains a wide variety of interesting products and a treasure trove of information related to vacuum tubes and tube electronics. A leading Canadian tube and amp component vendor from Hamilton, Ont. Regularly sells new and old production stock to U.S. customers. Has a good selection of new-in-box U.S. military tubes. Jim Cross of Orlando, Fla. collects, buys, and sells tubes and related items, including service literature. He also stocks collectible tubes, capacitors and used tubes at great prices, and hard-to-find lamps.